Getting To Know: Wolfox Coffee

Wolfox is a recent addition to Brighton’s roasting scene, located just into Hove on Western Road. Their eye catching design and elegant shop front show an appreciation of detail that extends to their coffee. We spoke to Ciara Lily O’Connell, Operations Manager at Wolfox Coffee, about their philosophy and what they hope to bring to the upcoming Brighton Coffee Festival.

As a new name the Brighton Coffee scene, what made you move into roasting?
Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters is a relatively new company with very deep roots in the coffee business. We understood a demand for better 100% Certified Organic Coffee and we wanted to prove that an evolution in quality and taste was possible.

Our Coffee roasting project combines 20 years of experience in Coffee Roasting and Blending with the innovative concepts that only speciality coffee roasters promote: sustainability, organic farming, fair-trade, and ethical philosophies.

We artisan roast all of our coffees fresh in our roastery in small batches, using a slow roast technique that allows for the coffee beans to expand naturally and we utilise custom profiles to maximise the original flavours of our coffees.

Can you tell us about the roastery lab?
The Wolfox Roastery Lab is the heart of our company, where we cup and taste all of our coffees for quality control and to experiment new blends and origins.

Our Head of Coffee and Lead Coffee roaster Simone, together with our head Barista and Barista trainer Anders adopted a research laboratory approach to enhance all of the coffee flavours with precision; the coffee roasting profiles come alive, infused through the group heads of the espresso machines.

The Roastery Lab is all about Speciality Coffee. It combines the espresso bar with the brew bar, offering options between our exclusive blends and single origins.

With the help of our knowledgeable baristas, our customers are guided to understand the numerous flavours of coffee and their unique taste characteristics.

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Wolfox has a very clear, and impressive, aesthetic design, with animals being prominently featured. How did that come about?
The Wolfox Organic Coffee Roasters design is very important to us because it visually delivers our message: we wanted to give our coffees a particular identity and perhaps a bit of a soul.

The animal characters in our logos and on our labels express our respect for nature and the environment; for example, we chose the endangered Rhino of Sumatra to be the symbol of our delicious Sumatra single origin.

What do you hope to bring to the Brighton Coffee Festival?
We are proud to be part of our community and we are happy to celebrate with Brighton’s coffee culture the first local coffee festival.

Our Baristas are ready and anxious to show everyone the superior quality of our coffees, continuing our organic coffee revolution one coffee at a time.

You have a focus on organic coffee and sustainability, was this a conscious choice when starting Wolfox?
Wolfox Coffee Roasters has always been promoter and roaster of 100% certified organic coffee; sourced exclusively from producers that adopt sustainable and ethical farming methods.

This dedication to help the environment and to respect the people that grow our coffee has always been our mission.

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You have a number of blends, as well as single origins. What goes into deciding which coffee you roast and serve?
Our exclusive organic blends and single origins are the pride of our company. Hundreds of hours of cupping and tasting have been invested in the creation of blends and origins with unique flavours to offer our customers.

Only through a rigorous selection we can guarantee our retail clients and wholesale partners a consistent and excellent quality.

You can see Wolfox as well as a number of other local artisan coffee roasters at the upcoming Brighton Coffee Festival. As well as the festival, you can find more details about Wolfox at